Case Study

Consumer Goods and beverages

  • Forwarding/Warehouse / Last-mile Delivery
  • Health and Wellness
  • Japan


JP-Toll supports Company D, a company that specializes in manufacturing supplements. by providing optimal product storage and shipping operations that are related to e-Commerce shipping and delivery to domestic Amazon centers.

We have started business with Company D in 2019, when Toll Group imported training equipment.

Fully taking advantage of Japan Post’s expansive domestic and international network and, our support on all aspects of Company D`s transportation process, it has allowed Company D to make a substantial business expansion.


In order to provide a seamless order management that is essential to support Company D`s growing e-commerce business, we have accommodated multiple online sales channels (Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo) by introducing an ASP system that:

  • Unifies management of operations occurring in multiple online stores
  • Centralizes the management of orders received from each store and inventory management
  • Operates inter-connectedly with Toll Group’s WMS system
    Developed an efficient shipping process to Amazon warehouses/e-Commerce consumers by concentrating products manufactured at several different factories in the Kanto region to one warehouse – Kanto Daiichi Logistics Center


Our solution has contributed to Company D`s overall growth in sales, and allowed it to shift its focus to further expand and refine its business operations.

  • After intensive support from us for 2 years shipments expanded and its sales has increased accordingly
  • Company D has invested in new product development and improving its production system, while engaging in discussions to expand its use of storage space in Kanto Daiichi Center