Case Study

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As a logistics company that procures car parts in the Kanto area for Company C, We havealso provides total management from pick-up and deliveries to production plants and warehouses. We contribute to the reduction of transportation costs by optimizing routes through collecting driving data and by using digital technology.

  • By Company C's request we managed to “depict the flaws of the existing logistics system and improve its transportation efficiency through the use of digital technology"
  • We were the first to suggest to construct a manual for transportation procedures and regulations. By constructing a stepby step process, it ensures stable and consistent operations


We has thoroughly analyzed Company C's existing delivery network, confirmed loading procedures, investigated pickup locations and the number of delivery points to construct an optimal transportation route. We continuously make improvements by using digital technology even after the operation started. We have also analyzed transportation and waiting times, and reconstructed optimal routes. Company C has achieved stable operation and improved transportation efficiency.

  • Prepared SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for each transportation route
  • Prepared safety standard manuals to ensure operational safety and to build a safety mindset
  • Improving loading efficiency by measuring the weight of the cargo transported
  • More than 80* transportation routes are equipped with mobile terminals to visualize routes and reconstruct to an optimal one
  • Held a joint digitization workshop with Company C. We have recognized the logistics issues faced by Company C and, setted up opportunities to continuously discuss improvement measures by using innovative digital technology.
    *As of June 2021


Through digitalizing Company C's transportation network, we have contributed on improving its operational efficiency and the reduction of transportation costs. As a long-term logistics partner of Company C, We continuously establish a total and comprehensive next-generation logistics system.

  • Improved about 40% of existing routes and reduced transportation costs by more than 5% per year
  • Stationed a dedicated operations team at Company C's facility to manage operations in detail and to stimulate consistent communication as well as to handle emergencies
  • Visualization of the transportation network and enable real-time operation management
  • Provision of operation data for continuous improvement
  • Visit Company C’s sites and suppliers to inspect on-site conditions and work procedures to identify opportunities of improvement in operations while collaborating with Company C though digitalization
    We provide support including development of additional system functions