Case Study


  • Transport
  • Electronical Goods
  • Japan


Company B is recognized as a global leader in the IT consumer goods industry. Henceforth, Company B was looking for a more secure and transparent transportation solution to manage its national e-Commerce deliveries.


Given the especially high value nature of its products, there was no room for compromise with regards to security, which gave Company B an extra push towards switching to JP Toll from its existing carrier.

We have successfully utilized our specialty supply chain and large account management expertise, while leveraging the expansive network of our partner, Japan Post to provide a complete B2C delivery solution.


After being introduced to Company B through Toll Group's existing relationship, it was evident that Comapny B was primarily concerned with security of its high value product. In response, We have introduced a variety of solutions to guarantee safe and secure delivery for all Company B's electronic goods.

Starting from the warehouse, we have implemented GPS tracking and digital solutions to ensure freight security.

We have also ensured complete transparency once entering Japan Post`s network through EDI linkage and real time tracking of products.

  • Strict security and digitised tamper prevention methods
  • Event level tracking to destination for both Company B and end consumer


We have been successful in providing both Company B, and its end consumer assurance that its product is safe and secure.

With EDI connectivity, We are able to provide Company B with event level tracking updates in real time and hold regular meetings on DIFOT KPI measures.

Comapny B's end consumer receives seamless service through Japan Post Yu-pack delivery method, re-delivery and time definite delivery.

Furthermore, We are able to deliver to the end consumer while ensuring all personal information is secured.

We have met the stringent requirements by Company B in account management, reporting, security and transparency.

  • Fully transparent transport to end location
  • Guaranteed secure delivery
  • High service level in account management, transportation and reporting