Case Study

Retail including e-Commerce

  • Transport
  • Apparel
  • Japan


JP Toll supports one of the world’s largest fast fashion apparel retailers, Company A, by providing seamless distribution of products to its Japanese consumers.

By utilizing our vast transport network, Company A is able to efficiently move its products and achieve its goal: to deliver new trends in the right place and at the right moment. 

In line with its strategy of pivoting towards an e-Commerce model, Japan Post’s high-quality delivery service and diverse receiving channels was the deciding factor.


Since launching Company A’s online store for the Japanese market, it has achieved exponential growth. It has however been reliant on a single carrier, posing risks to its business continuity.

With Toll Group fulfilling Company A’s logistics requirements in Australia, it looked to JP Toll in Japan to achieve its business and strategic needs. We have provided an unmatched solution to expand its online reach within Japan and respond to the ever-growing demand for its products.

  • We have built a flexible logistics system to meet monthly, weekly, and daily volume forecasts
  • In order to respond to multiple sales periods in a year, we have established a 24-hour shipping system
  • The Japan Post Group's transportation network which is the largest in Japan (more than 24,000 access points) is fully utilized to provide on-time delivery service to the required location
  • We are capable of communicating in both English and Japanese to meet Company A’s request
  • A service center for VIP consumers have been set up to respond to all consumers inquiries by Company A, and provide logistical support for sales consumers which are all handled by dedicated staff members
  • Direct communication between IT teams on both sides is established to integrate systems in a short timeframe


Our solution has allowed Company A to expand its footprint in Japan by enhancing consumer experiences and convenience. 

We have successfully supported Company A‘s stable growth to expand its business in Japan, through providing high-quality solutions and services.

  • Attained to establish tailor-made solutions to address consumer needs, allowing for growth in online sales
  • High-quality and fast delivery service is achieved while absorbing the volume fluctuations which is unique to apparel
  • Successfully established efficient operation in logistics and reduced transportation risks
  • Reached to close two-way communication
  • A service center for VIP responds to all consumer inquiries by Company A through contributing to the stabilizing and improving transportation quality and reduction of complaints from delivery destinations
  • Successfully implemented a seamless IT integration which fully utilizes on-time tracking service provided by Japan Post