Privacy Policy

JP TOLL LOGISTICS CO., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "JP TOLL") recognizes that the appropriate protection and treatment of personal data are important themes in providing services, to customers, with high satisfaction. Therefore, JP TOLL has established a basic policy regarding the protection of personal data (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") and shall comply with it.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    JP TOLL shall comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data, guidelines published by various government authorities, and the items that the Privacy Policy has stipulated (hereinafter collectively "Laws") upon handling personal data.
  2. Purposes of Personal Data Utilization
    JP TOLL has specified the purposes of personal data utilization and shall not treat personal data beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes. In the case where the purposes of utilization are restricted by Laws, JP TOLL shall not treat personal data beyond the scope of the restricted purposes.
    • Purpose regarding operations commissioned from JP TOLL:
      To perform operations commissioned from other companies and to offer various products and services of partner companies.
    • Purposes regarding JP TOLL's operations:
    1. To enter into contracts with customers regarding the purchase of the products and services that JP TOLL offers and to exercise JP TOLL's rights and fulfil obligations based on Laws.
    2. To cancel various kinds of businesses and for the administrative management after the cancellation.
    3. To conduct market researches, data analyses, and surveys.
    4. To propose various products and services including sending direct mail.
    5. To appropriately and smoothly conduct any other businesses with customers.

    Additionally, JP TOLL shall treat individual numbers within the scope of the purpose of utilization allowed by the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures. JP TOLL shall inform people of our purposes of utilization by providing the purposes in notes on various documents when collecting personal data.

  3. Collection of Personal Data
    JP TOLL shall collect personal data by appropriate and lawful means within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of utilization specified in the preceding article.
  4. Security Measure for Personal Information
    JP TOLL shall take appropriate security measures to protect personal data from leakage, loss, or destruction and strive to store and manage personal data in an accurate and updated condition.
    Additionally, JP TOLL shall properly supervise our employees and staff of commissioned companies, etc.
    As specific actions of the security measures, JP Toll shall implement the following measures; review of operational status based on the handling regulations, organisational security measures to clarify and appoint personnel in charge of handling personal information, personal security measures to provide employees with regular trainings on points of concern about handling personal information and to incorporate confidentiality matters into employment regulations, physical security measures to control access of employees in areas where personal information is handled, and lastly technical security measures to conduct access restrictions under appropriate circumstances.
  5. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties
    JP TOLL shall not disclose personal data to any third parties without obtaining prior consent from the owners of the personal data except when the disclosure of the personal data is required by Laws. Moreover, in the case where JP TOLL shares the personal data of our customers, we shall inform our customers of or announce the items subject to the disclosure as required by Laws. Notwithstanding the above, JP TOLL shall not provide nor share any specific personal information to any third parties except when the disclosure is required by Laws.
  6. Procedure of Disclosure Request
    JP TOLLL shall make the utmost effort to appropriately and promptly respond to a request of notification of purpose of utilization, disclosure, correction, or usage suspension of the personal data JP TOLL retains as required by Laws.
  7. Response to inquires
    JP TOLL shall respond to requests regarding the retained personal data of our customers as provided in the preceding article and any other opinions and requests regarding our treatment of personal data, which are sent to the following contact.

    [To Business Administration Division, email:]

  8. Continuous improvement
    JP TOLL shall make the utmost effort to continuously review and improve the management framework and measures to protect personal data while taking into account the development of information technology and change of social requirements.