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As a member of the Japan Post, JP Toll Logistics was established as a joint venture between Japan Post and Toll Group in order to further develop B2B business in Japan.

We will utilize the domestic delivery resources of Japan Post and its subsidiary company Toll Express Japan, as well as Toll Group's global client base and B2B knowledge to provide a globally consistent service from downstream to upstream logistics.

In addition, we uphold "Safety Obsessed" as a management policy in order to ensure safety of not only our employees, but also to our clients, partners and related parties at all times.

We believe that paying attention towards safety will not only protect the most important aspects of our lives and well-being, but will also create a concise flow of logistics processes and working standards that are cost efficient and high-quality.

Our affiliated companies work together to provide high-quality, comprehensive logistics services that satisfy our clients and consumers, and we operate our business with a sense of gratitude to all of our customers.

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.